Dorky people are addictive.

Grade school in a little Kansas town. I had a tape recorder, the kind from Home Alone. Roaming the schoolyard during recess,  I would interview teachers and kids.  Was I a dork? Sure, but most humans have a dorky side. Even the *popular* kids had their goofy voices and impressions.
Below is a showcase dorky of entertainment that I enjoy, so if you’re feeling a little too stoic, try them out. And don’t forget to check out the links beneath each video for a little more “behind the scenes”.

BALLOONSHOP <————————————————————————–——–
Oh these guysss…..
Balloonshop isn’t together anymore, but here are their personal channels:
Thomas Gore
Olan Rogers
Joshua Pursley

HOMESTAR RUNNER <————————————————————————–
You have to get to know these characters in order for many of the toons to really be funny, but here’s a great example of the two main characters.
Here are some behind the scenes links of the brother duo, Mike and Matt Chapman:
“Sample of Style”
“Sample of Style Too”
“Puppets on the Road”

SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST <————————————————————
If you’ve never seen this on Cartoon Network, SGC2C takes on the form of a late night talk show, interviewing real celebrities. My favorite thing about this cartoon has got to the hero’s chipper, Mid-Atlantic, 1950s era voice by George Lowe. Space Ghost – Cast Table Reading

Well that’s all for now folks. I really do need to buy some veggies. Why, you ask? Because I’m cooking THIS!


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