Breakfast Idea: Bacon, Yogurt, Wheatgrass.


This is what happens when I get tired of eggs.

Full fat yogurt really settles your stomach in the morning and is a great tangy compliment to sweet bacon. I like mixing White Mountain Belgium yogurt (pricey, but you can get coupons from the company website) with Mountain High yogurt (cheap). The Belgium yogurt has been fermented longer, so more microbiotics and tummy feel good action. I used to sweeten it with honey, but lately, I’ve preferred the sourness of plain.

As for the bacon, we get ours straight from the deli counter. Good quality, and cheap, believe it or not. I don’t bother worrying about nitrates, because I’ve heard woesome tales of that celery stuff they use instead. I think it’s a gimmick, so I just stick with conventional.

Wheatgrass juice helps if you’re feeling draggy and need to purge some night-before-fast-food. Try mixing it with kombucha. Carefull, it’s powerful! Cut up some wheatgrass and add it to a blender. Add just enough kombucha so that the blender can work to chop. Add a few grapes for taste. Work your way from Chop to liquify. Strain and discard pulp. Don’t overdo this drink, too many green drinks can create oxalate buildup in the body. (By the way, you can always chew the wheatgrass like a cow to get the juice. Takes a while though. Don’t try eating wheatgrass fibers, you don’t have a cow’s digestive system.)

Anyways, maybe I’ll keep on posting meal photos, this blog is becoming rather eclectic aye? Stay tuned!
– Amy

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