Poll: Illuminating Gender

This is an abstract question I’ve been asking friends and family, and now I’d like to open it up to the visitors of this blog. The purpose of this is to help Stephen (my husband) and I create a fictional universe that we will use for the films we plan to make in the future. Right now, we’re trying to formulate some of the basic symbolisms that this world, or world of worlds rather, will echo.

If you could associate “Light” with a gender and “Dark” with the alternate gender what would you pick?
(So, if “Male” = x, then by default, “Female” = y)


One thought on “Poll: Illuminating Gender

  1. Light is designed to penetrate darkness. Darkness is the absence of light. Even the tiniest flickering candlelight can illuminate a huge room cloaked in darkness. The Bible tells us the Jesus is the Light of the world. Hence I would equate Light for males.

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