Meryl Streep vs. Julia Child

Julie & Julia came out some time ago, but I’ve struck upon it again simply because I attempt many of Julia’s recipes on a weekly basis. Meryl was greatly praised for her interpretation in this role, but as usual when I watch a film, I find myself annoyed with “contrived” behaviors. Don’t get me wrong, the inflection and the voice was top notch. But there’s something false that doesn’t sit well with me here. It isn’t the fact that Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep… it’s just something wrong. It might have been the directing on this one.

I think there’s a boyish charm that made Julia who she was, and her imitation is a little too… jittery? A little fruity. The scratch of the head seemed forced, and it’s those little things that make such a difference.

(A small note, I know the creator of this video wrote “Forget Meryl Streep” at the end, a sentiment that I haven’t adopted myself.)


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