It is easier to sew a garment with too much cloth than too little for the finished product, yet when the fabric is cut, can you really deem it “too much”? It is just what you needed. Giving grace first before giving critique isn’t abnormal or extra. It’s nature. Love is normal. Every THING is normal. The un-things are abnormal. This is the holistic view of existence.

The terrors are alive, for now, as are those who follow them. What will they become when dawn shows nothing was real compared to love? Will we remain afraid? Only if we chose error. The imprint of imperfection, once sealed by hatred, will never fade as shadows do. I still wonder, “Does death defy existence?” That is a question that I hope to answer, but probably not in this life.

The homeless man down the street believes he is the new Messiah – the loneliness, the drugs, the pain, the drama is his choice. Or is it? Is his mind still wondering inside? Still responsive to stimuli of reason? Maybe so. He may still have opportunity while darkness lingers. Or perhaps he is too deeply frozen for time.

Err on the side of perfection.


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