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Feel free to read this as a philosophical social commentary on public taste. Or… don’t.

I haven’t been impressed with the beer in the Pacific Northwest. Overly bitter and hoppy. Is everyone drunk? It’s gross. As far as my tastes go, I do like to eat “bitter” foods like leafy greens, grapefruit peel, dark coffee. Bitter almost ceases to be a flavor, and turns in to a texture. It’s nice actually, much better than sickly-sweet milk chocolate that’s more powdered milk and cocoa. I’ve been cutting out a lot of sugar out of my palate.

But back to beer: I’ve tried a handful in the Portland area, and they all seem a deathly combination of sour and bitter. But not sour enough to stand out… the bitterness takes over, turning the drink into muddy waters. Muddy. Rotten. Ew. Yuck. No thank you, I’ll just have wine.

And yes, I may be a noob. I remember when I used to hate coffee growing up. In my defense, the coffee I tried was almost always thickened with powdered “creaammmer” (GROSS) and not the delicious heavy cream my husband uses. Not to mention fresh beans.

So is there something I’m missing? Have I just tried all the bad beers? I’m sure many will just shrug and say “It’s an acquired taste”. Welllllll – and here’s a little jab to you IPA lovers – by “acquired”, do you mean I have to be drunk in order to enjoy it?


4 thoughts on “Bitterness.

  1. MeDoAGood says:

    Your presence (Lady) don’t need to be drunk at all or even taste that if it makes the one drunk , what about a fresh juice , shakemilk of strewberry or banana .. etc , that’s very delicious and have a lot of benefits , that’s what give the one enjoying on the taste , instead of wines which make the one drunk and literally intoxicated (dying the mind) and can’t do or even think awarely (being aware of what he’s doing or saying) .
    May God reward your presence and the dear family all the best , with a grant of a brilliant massive success

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