And I’m not even a global warming fanatic.

“It’s 60 degrees in August?  So much for global warming! YUCK YUCK YUCK!”


Just shoot me now.

(Did nobody see “Day After Tomorrow”?)


He just wants to dance with us.

So I love taking other folk’s works and putting into a context that they weren’t in originally. Specially for spiritual/philosophical uses.

So take a listen to Louie Armstrong, and pretend they’re talking about God. (This doesn’t translate perfectly for all her lines, but Ella would be playing the role of the Holy Spirit).

“I Won’t Dance” – Ella & Louie

Also, if you’re feeling less jazzy and more hobbit-ish, check this one out!
“Lord of the Dance” – The Dubliners

The People, The People.


Hollywood has a black heart of strings and mud – no sane person would deny this. But the people of that place are a sharp and passionate people. They have great masses of wisdom that have been stomped upon and discarded. It is true that often the wise fail to appropriate their wisdom to the proper use, but you cannot deny the fact that they do indeed know some measure of Truth.

They know it so well that they sell themselves to it. Their fragment is their spear into the yonder. The long nights of quiet focus. The shuffle from one inspiration to the next. The magic of fast food. The rare love. The echoes from starlit nights past.

But now we have it, a regurgitating of all the deceitful years. The filth is everywhere, the corruption is everywhere. The lost dreams are piled high, in a maze of prosperity.

And prosperity is their one claim to the goodness of the earth. They understand it in a tragic sort of way, to the point of forgetting it’s name.

There are fights to be fought there. It is a dark, dark place. I have been there once and despised that endless sun. But am I bitter because I haven’t joined the fray? No, I am so deeply moved by the countless interviews of its veterans I have seen. They are so brave, but so wrong. They hold so much tender truth in their hands, but they don’t understand. So much truth, so little light.