Wake up dear.

“It’s All About Love” Photographer : Candida Performa (cc)

I wrestle with not wanting to be noticed, yet wanting to effect change. Sometimes I relish speaking my mind to brick walls simply because the act alone is quite zealous for me.  It’s as if by saying thoughts, thoughts come into being. I said it. Bam. It is. Like sifting though all the particles of mind to pick out the bad and distill the real.

It’s interesting how the world is manipulated. The only way the world can be good is if it can rise up in spite of itself. It’s not as if pain is pleasure, but the two are twined for now. We maneuver through the maze, trying not to step on each other. A dance of sorts, but a wearying one.

I’ll be glad to be older, the young years can be full of trouble and frailty. My only goal is to find goodness now so that it will stay with me when my roots set. I can feel myself turning 30, though it’s still a good 5 years away. Can’t say I ever lived the teenage dream, but then I can’t say one ever existed.


Water is mysterious.

It’s 10am.

Today, I woke up from a good dream – not necessarily a cheerful dream, but a good one.

There’s a hotel at Nye Beach that will give you that feeling, especially in the evening. It feels much more like a large house than a hotel, and if you keep climbing the staircase, you’ll find yourself in a wide reading room with windows looking out to the Oregon coast.

Before I moved here, people warned me of the rain. But the water really makes this place come alive. It brings out the mystery of everything, so that I don’t get so caught up in ugly things. It makes me want to find a secret passageway into a real world.

Ooh, it’s really pouring now! Now if you don’t mind, my honey lemon ginger tea is waiting.

Pictures of Sylvia Beach Hotel - Hotel Photos

The Columbia River from the Hood River Bridge – Duncan Davidson
Sunset at Sylvia Beach Hotel – TripAdvisor