Musical Journeys – “Mango Samba”

View over Harbour Area from Hotel Arthemis - Salvador - Brazil

View over Harbour Area from Hotel Arthemis – Salvador – Brazil
Photo by Adam Jones

Need some music? Bored? Hungover? First, stop over-drinking. Second, come on an adventure with me, just for a few minutes. “Come aboard pilgrim!”, find your headphones, grab those toenail clippers – it’s the perfect time.

I’m going to walk you through a little imaginary movie, so at each “Scene”, read the description of what’s going on, and then click on the associated video to listen to the song that I based it off of.

“Mango Samba”

Scene 1:
It’s a dandy day in a place much like Brazil, you just came from the market, with two mangos in each hand – what a joy! All the neighbors greet you in their own little way as you stroll down the street – aren’t you something? You wave back, but drop one of your mangos in the process. It rolls away, down the sloping street, back to the market. You’re after it! 
The mango is bruised badly, but you eat it anyways, picking out the bad parts.
*Munch. Munch.*

Scene 2:
Mangos do strange things sometimes. This one is telling your brain to climb up that drainpipe and take a look at that white boat coming in to the harbor. You scuffle up the drainpipe, and take a deep breath. The yacht is definitely royal, but probably just full of tourists. 
Yep, time to try out the glider you brought. Another deep breath, running start, jump! It’s been a while. You have to carry the uneaten mango in your mouth, but you end up dropping it on a goat below. He doesn’t mind much.
As bay draws nearer you skim the surface of the land. The yacht is white and grey. So are the tourists.

Scene 3:
You land out of sight, but close enough to observe. Fancy aren’t they? Not as “royal” as you thought they would be, except for the waiters – surprisingly regal for men of service. Look at the old lady with the blue feather brooch – definitely the most content on the deck. Kids keep asking parents questions. Mmm, ice cream looks yummy. You envy the light colored clothing worn by most on-board.
You wave to the kids, two little sisters with vanilla cones wave back. 

The End?

That’s all for now, we’ll see if I end up finishing that storyline. Don’t count on it, but you never know… Maybe I’ll do another musical journey some time. It’d probably be really great if I could actually nail down a 3 part story each time, but THAT would take a lot more effort. For sure.

Until next time.

Drinking coffee.

It’s been a late night.


Poll: Illuminating Gender

This is an abstract question I’ve been asking friends and family, and now I’d like to open it up to the visitors of this blog. The purpose of this is to help Stephen (my husband) and I create a fictional universe that we will use for the films we plan to make in the future. Right now, we’re trying to formulate some of the basic symbolisms that this world, or world of worlds rather, will echo.

If you could associate “Light” with a gender and “Dark” with the alternate gender what would you pick?
(So, if “Male” = x, then by default, “Female” = y)

Clouds do a soul good.


“Clouds in my Coffee” by ~suitehearts

Every day the clouds come, I feel so much more at ease. The west coast summer days seem to dry out my energy. It’s really not the heat, it’s the light. However, grey skies in winter do drag on, and the cold makes things worse. But seeing objects in the sky gives a needed dimension to eyesight, and the lighting is more enjoyable. I just can’t communicate how good it feels… it just feels right. Plus it’s great for the camera, unless rain accompanies the clouds.

Woody Allen and I are in the cloudy camp. I’d like to here what more filmmakers, painters, poets and dreamers have to say on the subject.

SCIENCE TIME! According to a geologist friend of mine, Dennis Bokovoy, proponents of the “water canopy theory” believe that there used to be a vapor shield around the Earth that kept the climate pleasant and diffused the Sun’s light and energy. These scientists usually subscribe to Creationism, believing the bubble popped before Noah’s flood causing the first rain. Their theory explains that the high atmospheric pressure created a more inhabitable environment on Earth, allowing for the prosperity of large amounts of vegetation and mega-creatures, such as the brachiosaurus (who’s brain is so far away from it’s heart, that either it would have to have a huge heart, or it would need a high pressure environment to survive) and the woolly mammoth (which have been found to have been completely frozen by climate change before they even had a chance to decompose.) This high pressure would have produced similar effects that hyperbaric chambers use to heal various ailments. To learn more about Creationism, check out Creation Encounter Tours