Homosexual fashions and why they are the way they are.

Walker Evans Archive, 1994

“Subway Passengers, New York City: Two Women” — Walker Evans Archive, 1994

So, I’m curious, when I Google “Lesbian Fashion”, why is it I get a bazillion results of girls with cropped hair and ties? I mean, try it. Why aren’t there more “girly” lesbians?

And when I Google “Gay Fashion”, why do I get a bunch of colors and patterns and speedos? I will say, gay fashion seems much more diverse than lesbian. Much more erotic too… why is that?

Actually, why do either of those idea¬†exist? Isn’t fashion fashion? The idea of women vs men’s fashion make more sense simply because women’s bodies are different than men’s bodies. But a fashion based on sexuality? I dunno, it seems… redundant. I mean, think of “heterosexual fashion”… what would that be? A t-shirt with vanilla ice cream cones on it?

Anyways, I don’t get it. Maybe Google isn’t the best source for this analysis, but I dunno…. Google kind of rules the internet, and the internet kind of rules the world, right? What’s going on? Ice cream? Hot Fudge? Pecans? Laundry? Oh yeah, laundry… I need to go do laundry.


Poll: Illuminating Gender

This is an abstract question I’ve been asking friends and family, and now I’d like to open it up to the visitors of this blog. The purpose of this is to help Stephen (my husband) and I create a fictional universe that we will use for the films we plan to make in the future. Right now, we’re trying to formulate some of the basic symbolisms that this world, or world of worlds rather, will echo.

If you could associate “Light” with a gender and “Dark” with the alternate gender what would you pick?
(So, if “Male” = x, then by default, “Female” = y)