Watch your feet padawan.

(c) Lorenz kerscher

(c) Lorenz kerscher

Is it just me, or do most people ignore the idea that balance exists? Or if they do try to balance ideas, they keep comparing apples to oranges… Hmm. It’s like this whole “open-minded” term: Why does it have such a positive connotation? Close-mindedness has just as much validity. Sigh… probably overreaction to the collective wrongs of past generations who tended to be more close-minded. There we go with that over-correcting thing again.

So I have this friend on Facebook, posts quizzes ALL. THE. TIME. So I take these quizzes (it’s his fault). Apparently on a scale from 1 to 100 I’m 66% Millennial or something… which according to the chart thingy puts me at about 1977? I knew I always like the 70’s… something about the architecture… angles… wood… whatever.

Anyways, BALANCE. Yes. Myeessssss. Well, it might just be a “western” mishap… Is there anyone from China out there? Or Japan? Yeah because I’m pretty sure those are the only two asian countries that exist. Oh, and lets not forget India.  Right. Hey, maybe I’ll just call myself a non-specific “Buddhist” and get me some nice Thai fisherman’s pants. OH! THAILAND! THERE ARE FOUR ASIAN COUNTRIES! Wow, I learn so much just typing out my thoughts.

Ok, well, to wrap this up – a proverbial sushi roll – I would like to encourage all free peoples (and all peoples who aren’t sure what freedom is) to consider: “How is my balance today?” Find comfort in the fact that you even ask such a question, but not too much comfort that you never answer it. That whole “Well if you’re asking the question then you probably don’t have the problem” thing is a big load of rotten coconuts. And that does NOT make a satisfactory pina colada. And PINA COLADAS… are not asian. SO:

Who else?